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Video Tour of the Community Summit Process

Promote the Idea

Build Internal Support

Build Interest Among
Community Partners

Co-create the Future

Promote Local Innovation

Inspire Action

Roadmap for Creating a Summit

Step 1: Get started and get inspired

The journey to a summit generally starts with a visionary inside an organization who sees the possibilities.  This section will suggest ways for a champion to get additional colleagues on board who will share the enthusiasm. View more >


Step 2: Create a case for support

Preliminary proposals must be adapted to suit the "burning need" driving a given organization or company.  This section Provides a structure and suggestions about how to frame what is key for your situation. View more >

Step 3: Build a core team

The dedicated champions will need both management support and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders.  The more robust and persuasive the group of influencers, the more likely the necessary commitments will occur.  This will require a cross-functional effort and a willingness to reach out to other groups who share the passion for a sustainable future.  These individuals will be drawn from thoughout the community and should be representative of a range of perspectives including business and civic, university, and non-profit leaders. View more >


Step 4: Leverage IEEE resources

The IEEE Power and Energy Society has many members who believe strongly in the potential of Smart Grid and see the value in a systems approach to consumer engagements. In this section you will get a preview of programs and resources can support momentum building and on-going activities.  Those collaborating with IEEE PES will receive additional tools provided in our "On the Road" area. View more >

Step 5: Assign or choose volunteer roles

These sample job descriptions will help summit organizers recruit and IEEE members learn about how they can get involved during pre-, during, and post-summit activities. View more >


Step 6: Build momentum for the event (pre-summit)

At this stage the steering committee members and core team identify groups and individuals from the community who will be important to invite and include. Visibility is created by expanding relationships with local groups, participating in on-going activities, promoting the event at scheduled events, and reaching out to local and regional media. If the broader community has a substantive role in the definition of the event, they will have a vested interest in the outcome. Those collaborating with IEEE PES will receive additional tools provided in our "On the Road" area.


Step 7: Host the summit itself

The 2-3 days of the summit event provide an exciting focal point for the ideas that have been percolating in the minds of thought leaders and the experiences of community or regional innovators.  The power of human-centered design techniques (also described as co-creation) not only enable people to look at their environment and each other differently, but to draw on the strengths and creativity inherent in their fellow residents. The materials we are providing simplify the logistical efforts of the team on the ground and take advantage of previous summit experience. Those collaborating with IEEE PES will receive additional tools provided in our "On the Road" area.


Step 8: Keep the excitement going (post-summit)

Community-led initiatives and new employment opportunities continue to deliver value beyond the event. IEEE volunteers reduce workload of utility staff by collaborating with the members of the public inspired to move forward.  Lessons learned about the nature of this type of interaction will be shared with others so this powerful process can help others. Those collaborating with IEEE PES will receive additional tools provided in our "On the Road" area.

We will share insights and experiences at such venues as the Consumer Engagement Workshop at the ADS National Town Meeting in July 2013. View more details >